SEO v/s SEM: The Difference You Should Know

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You wish to expand your business and get more sales online. In the quest, you take the help of Google, and you get suggestions like SEO, SEM, etc. The options seem pretty interrelated with just a difference of one word. 

You are more confused than before because you don’t know which one to choose, SEO or SEM. In fact, you even don’t know the fundamental difference.

Here is what you have been looking for… The much-needed explanation!!

How exactly SEO differs from SEM?

SEO differs from SEM in many aspects, an important one being ‘SEO provides organic results while SEM is a paid strategy.’

Above could be the best answer for people who have a little know-how about the two online business growth strategies, but this simple-looking topic has more explanation to come forward. Therefore, let this blog start with some basics about SEO and SEM, further dwelling into differences, similarities, and everything you need to know about them both. 

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an essential practice of making your website discoverable on Search Engine Result Pages. It is more of an organic approach to building a website’s credibility and authenticity so that the website complies with the algorithm of search engines and ranks in the top five SERPs. 

SEO actually brings visibility to your website, so that target customers find it easy to locate your services and make the purchase. 

Four building blocks of SEO

SEO further includes various sub-strategies to improve the quality of the website and strengthening E.A.T (Expertise, Authority and Trust) principles as coined by Google. It involves checking various parameters and bringing improvisations. Therefore, you should hire a skilled SEO expert for your website because he will take less time to show beneficial results. 

Let’s look at the four building blocks:-

  1. On-Page SEO – As the name suggests, the whole work is done on the website. It helps search engines understand the website’s core services and other factors like H1, title, Meta tag, image alt tags, keywords, meta description, URL, internal linking, speed, etc. Moreover, the mandatory changes that are done under on-page optimization are – 

2. Off-Page SEO – Under this subcategory of SEO, activities are done outside the website. You can take it as credibility building of the website with techniques like link building, social media marketing, guest blogging, and brand mentioning. 

Some activities that are carried outside include –

3. Technical SEO – A website is nothing but a structure prepared with codes. Its smooth functioning and proper working depend on factors like the website’s speed, crawlability, data structure, indexing, and security. If a website is not perfect in the aspect of its technical features, it is not taken as a credible source by search engines. Therefore, the technical SEO optimizes the technical factors and makes the website more credible. The work includes-

For successful SEO strategies of your business, all these core pillars must be considered. Having said that, it is only possible when you have an expert right beside you like RankingXpress Digital

4. Content – As the saying goes, your website is ‘Kingdom’ and content is the ‘King.’ A soulful and authoritative content represents your website to the core and helps your target audience to understand your takeaways. Therefore, the website content should be crisp and purposeful. It must go by the service industry, linking all the broken ends.

Content on your website can be further broken down into three categories –

As the content hold this much importance, it needs to be qualitative, trendy, relevant, speaking of usefulness, and keyword optimized. You can further as other elements like media to make it more appealing.

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SEM – Search Engine Marketing 

Unlike SEO, SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a paid service to gain visibility on top SERPs. Often people find SEM synonymous with PPC, which most people do not coincide with. According to them, PPC is one of the sub-strategies that are involved in SEM.

The popular strategies involved in SEM are –

SEM deals in paid services like Google ads, Bing ads, Gmail ads, YouTube ads, search ads, etc. The whole campaign starts with the research of most searched keywords that are targeted later to attract traffic. 

The noticeable difference between SEO and SEM

SEO and SEM are strikingly different from each other. The differences can be shown well with factors like cost incurred in running campaigns, time-taken to show results, click-through rates, credibility and authority added, visibility, etc. 

The table

Factors SEOSEM
Marketing Type InboundInbound and Outbound both
Cost involved FreePaid as the clicks
SERP ranking Appears in organic search results with featured snippetsListed on the of SERP with ad extension
Time taken in results Takes timeShort and immediate
Click-through rate HigherLower
Visibility Shown to everyoneShown to target users
Credibility HigherLower

Although the table has precisely defined how SEO differs from SEM, yet a few factors need to be discussed briefly. So let’s get started. 

Cost Involved – SEO v/s SEM

SEO has been a favorite strategy for generating organic traffic 24/7. The process gives your website the required organic traffic and recognition. As the traffic increases, the website’s credibility also increases paving ways for better recognition and sales. 

On the other hand, SEM or PPC is a money constraint technique. You need to pay for it to keep running and targeting credible users. Once the paid campaign is over, the traffic disappears and sales go down. So, at this point, you can consider SEO a free-of-cost traffic generation process in spite of SEM. However, you will have to hire experts for better SEO results and pay for high-quality content. Overall, after paying for a skilled expert and high-quality content, SEO will still be more cost-effective. 

Time-taken to show the results – SEO v/s SEM

The speed of showing results could be a contrasting difference between the two strategies. If precisely put, SEO takes time while SEM does not! Especially when you have launched a new website, it will take a lot of time. 

According to experts from RankingXpress, a new website may take 1 year on average to rank first on Google SERP. But that depends upon the brain working behind the SEO campaign. An expert campaign maker can produce results as soon as in 3 months only. Being said that, it is very crucial to choose the right-brainer to plan your SEO campaign. 

Now, as you talk about SEM, results are instant. You may start seeing conversions from the afternoon if you have paid for the campaigns in the morning. But results of SEM are short-lived till you are actively paying for the campaign.

The key point to note here is that – ‘traffic scores nil when you stop the payment!!!’

Which should be your go-getter? – SEO v/s SEM

Well, this is a pretty tough question because both contribute to your earnings at one point in time. On the one hand, SEO builds the credibility of your website; SEM brings you sure sought conversions. 

So, the question should be – when to focus on each campaign

For example, if you are a new service in the market and have just launched a website, you need to adhere to SEO and bring more organic traffic. Having SEO right from your budding entrepreneurial phase will help ease your budget and get organic visibility on SERPs. 

Later, after six months or so, when your website has gained enough authority and credibility, and you have a consistent budget, invest in SEM, manage Adwords account and launch landing pages. 

Your decision must also depend on factors like –

The similarities: SEO v/s SEM

You have seen contrasting differences between SEO and SEM; you must also understand the similarities both strategies could have.

Can SEO and SEM be combined?

Generally, experts suggest not combining both strategies and working with them at one time. However, if you still plan to combine both, you must have the ability to differentiate and integrate both channels.

Your first focus should be search engine optimization for traffic generation within six months. Later you can find the need for paid campaign and work accordingly.

You can use SEM insights as a testing bed for your SEO. With the help of SEM insights, you can see test conversion rates, keyword performance, etc.

Gain viability on the top of the SERP and in between organic search results with both strategies.

The final put

SEO and SEM are two totally different strategies that cannot replace each other’s worth. People will have to understand the difference and value of these strategies to generate more business and gain over competitive advantages. 

All in all, you will require a highly experienced Digital Marketing Agency like RankingXpress Digital. The SEO services experts and PPC services experts here will guide you in every decision being taken for the betterment of your website.

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Is SEO Still Relevant In 2021? Things You Need To Know?

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Every passing year, many old SEO trends gradually sink into oblivion and many new surfaces to make another history. But every year, trends that drive into the SEO industry depend upon factors surrounding the consumer market and Google Algorithm changes. 

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Similarly, this 2021 and whole world awaits new SEO trends to follow and act up on. However, a few people in your knowledge might also be thoughtful about its relevance because almost every field has some setback after a pandemic struck the cord. 

For such people, it would be mandatory to know that SEO is not going anywhere. In fact, it will grow to be stronger and bigger. Moreover, with time, every organization will have to optimize their website presence according to the changes made by Google Updates.

SEO will emerge and remain evergreen

Many articles in 2020 claimed that SEO would sink into oblivion in 2021 to never to come back. SEO will remain intact with the arrival of some new updates and some old trends being reabsorbed in other divisions of digital marketing. 

This year, search engine optimization will give more importance to local SEO, and other parameters like structured data will seep in. All in all, SEO 2021 is going to be more competitive and highly technical. 

It will even challenge SEO experts to learn the new trends and become adaptable as soon as possible. But before you all get overwhelmed about the hard work needed in the future, let us first learn about the SEO trends in 2021.

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The new SEO trends of 2021 to become more relevant 

Google will implement a new methodology named ‘Core Web Vitals’ to rank websites for better user experiences. It will now trust User Metrics to make the final decision about websites’ ranking on SERPs. This new methodology will be a tie-breaker when two or more websites have relevant and high-quality content.

Also, core web vitals will help webpages to qualify for Top Stories on Google Bar.

How will you do it?

Core web vitals have multiple factors to improve on. Overall you will have to improve vitals, including page contents, page speed, UX report, etc.

In 2016, Google took this erstwhile decision of ranking websites based on their mobile version instead of the desktop version. However, the implementation took more considerable time than thought. Now, Google has made it a clear verdict. Now, Google has completed the process. Its transition will start from March 2021. The websites with no mobile version will be ruled out while ranking on search pages. 

How will you do it?

Get to know the checklist prepared by Google and implement it as soon as possible. You should make sure that your mobile version responsive. 

EAT stands from Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Although it is a controversial topic in the SEO world, yet it has immense use. It is slightly on the fair side to say that Google cannot accurately answer EAT-related questions; however, it can still check whether the content present on certain websites is relevant to the search phrase or not. 

How will you do it?

To implement EAT factor, you will have to follow secure protocols and strengthen your backlinks. Old backlinks will also do wonders in this case. 

In the beginning, Google served suggestions based on the proximity to the local user (searcher). It sometimes allowed users to land to the best services nearby, and sometimes they felt cheated. 

However, over the course of time, Google shifted its parameters and influenced local businesses a lot with its new tools. With GMB (Google My Business), it has opened new proximity for service providers to stay afloat at the front. 

But with this, the complexity has risen. That can only be eased if the experts have full command over GMB and its new features. 

How will you do it?

You can overcome the obstacles by getting trained in GMB and its implications. You should fully optimize your Google My Business listings and upgrade every attribute, including reviews, questions & answers, correct address, communication information, etc.

With the passing of time, Google has collected more than 5 billion entities, not only people but also songs, movies, books, companies, etc. This number has to grow bigger in the coming year, which will have a visible impact on Search Engine Algorithms. 

Moreover, why wait for the future while Google has already started implementing entities based on web ranking rather than based on Backlinks. The model will help Google understand the trustworthiness of various companies catering to the same services or relatable products in the online market. 

How will you do it?

This task can be a tad more complicated with respect to backlinks and related keywords. Here the organizations will have to define entities related to business/products, claim their GMB profile, etc. Here, the use of structured data will work wonders.

Google has been taking a great leap in AI (Artificial Intelligence) since time immemorial. It started with RankBrain in the year 2015 and then culminated into BERT in the year 2019. It made it pretty feasible for Google to answer queries in a better way and produce search results. 

In the series, BERT has become the most renowned tool and has been used nearly 100% for queries in the English Language. With the help of BERT, it will be easy to get the gest of queries made by users to answer it in better ways even if the searched phrase has incorrect spellings, lexical ambiguity, etc. 

How will you do it?

For utilizing BERT efficiently, websites will have to produce content for users, not for Google search. You will have to place keywords more sincerely rather than stuffing in awkwardly. It will require great command over writing skills. 

Structured data implementation has never been a new thing in the SEO world. It has been there for many years, but its importance has grown over time. With many recipe websites trending in recent decades, it has been fruitful for a neat presentation.

In 2021, when local SEO will become of more importance, structured data will be coherently used. Local businesses, with its help be able to mark their company address and details for better search results. 

How will you do it?

Gaining Expertise in structured data will force you to learn HTML and imply it with Structured Data Markup Helper. You can also do it manually or ask the help of experts. 

Googlenow has a more powerful tool BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), which will help to retrieve the smallest of the content from the webpage. With the help of BERT, it will be able to search exact phrases as asked by a web surfer. With this tool, users’ queries will be answered more precisely rather than jumbling them up into the web of irrelevant webpages. 

How will you do it?

To match up with this trend of SEO 2021, you will have to be very specific about your content. You may add FAQ schema and questions to be more specific. 

So, follow the above trends and stay afloat!! SEO will never lose its relevance!!

Consult your business with us!

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B2B Marketing Strategies – Your Way to Success

Is SEO Worth the Expense?What Kind of Businesses Need Local SEO Services?

B2B Marketing Strategies – Your Way to Success

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Digital marketing has spread its wing in every sector. Businesses catering to B2B or B2C have made their digital presence and are incorporating the latest strategies in their marketing plan. Targeting the right audience is the ultimate score for every business & therefore looking out to do things differently has always pressurized them.

Let us crack B2B Marketing Strategies!

B2B marketing refers to business to business marketing which aims to promote and sell their products/services to business and organizations. In short, a company that sells the product to other business or organization using B2B marketing strategies. B2C marketing refers to business to consumer marketing. The sell and to promote the products or services to individual consumers.

Focus on B2B Marketing Strategies:

1. Your Website is your Success Avatar!

Your website is the face of your business and your medium to increase conversion rates. A well-designed website stands out and gets more attention if it is tailored from scratch matching your brand’s unique selling point. Make sure your website gives a powerpack customer service experience.

2. Powerful Agents are called Influencers!

It is time you should consider bringing influencers into your B2B marketing strategies action plan. Many influencers have worked on building a community of followers online & can be a meaningful investment for your business. All you have to do is to check if those followers aligned with your audience.

3. Personalized Communication is the Big Wheel for Success!

A tailored message for your B2B customers can make a great deal of investment. Creating an effective, personalized form of communication not only make your company noticeable but also trustworthy. Customers need to feel that their unique needs and requirements are met by a company focuses on while communicating, will trust you more than anyone.

4. Use Chat Bots in B2B Marketing Strategies!

The business can rely on chatbots to balance the workload in customer service teams during these COVID times. The chatbots can increase resolution time but also solve common issues that the customers might have.

5. Social Media is for B2B as well!

Facebook and Instagram can too help you with B2B marketing, except the marketers need to have a strategic approach and careful execution of their social media marketing campaigns. It is time to harness the power of LinkedIn, one of the best social media platforms for B2B marketers.

6.Do not ignore Email Marketing!

Email marketing is still at its success. As per HubSpot, 93% of B2B marketers use email. It is time for you to experiment with various tactics to reach your B2B audience’s inbox.

7. Video Marketing and Podcast Marketing Game changer!

A B2B buyer does comprehensive research before making a purchase. Explainer videos on B2B product do wonders and most decisions convert to purchase. Develop marketing podcasts to connect and speak with your target using an audio medium.

8. Have you heard of B2B SEO?

B2B SEO refers to a series of optimization for your website and content to align with Google, i.e., achieve higher SERP results.

Master these few B2B marketing strategies to gain success at large. We at Ranking Express give you in-depth information on different segments of digital marketing. Get the latest insights in SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing now to better your digital marketing efforts.

Want to grow your business in this critical time consult with us!

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Complete SEO Audit checklist to boost website ranking

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Do you know your website require an SEO Audit?!

Is your website doing well with your present SEO strategies?!

Are you getting satisfactory ROI attained by implication of your SEO strategies?

If you have satisfactory answer to all the above-asked questions then you are on the right track, else, you must get an SEO audit done asap!!


Why SEO Audit?

SEO Audits reflects the efforts you put in when performing SEO for your website. In most cases, the results are in the form of quick wins for your website and offer success.

Many experts also fund performing SEO Audit tasks difficult such that results are not achieved for a pretty long time. If your website is unable to offer you with instant results, then implementing long-term SEO Audit plans is advisable.

To effectively achieve good results within a short period of time, you have to depend more on Audit check-list. This list proves helpful for website owners to improve the ranking of the website on Google search engine results.
The check-list if implemented perfectly, will help in improving your website performance.

Note:-Techniques mentioned here are time tested by professionals for effectiveness. After years of experience in SEO related field, experts have come up with below mentioned SEO Audit check-list.

It offers a full range of SEO techniques that you need to execute to see results within a short period of time.

How SEO Audit makes a difference?

SEO Audit is a type of website audit technique that uncovers all technical elements for your website. This process helps in rating your website high with Search engines. It helps in rating your website at a much better position with search results.

There are many reasons why you need to implement an SEO Audit. Some of these reasons may include: –

What are the general requirements for performing SEO Audits?

If you are a big enterprise, then you need a platform that is SEO optimized. You also need access to certain specific SEO Tools. This can be your best All-In-One professional platform for executing SEO tools to offer with best results within a short period of time.

The platform can also prove helpful for you to identify potential areas within the contents that can help improve your website ranking. This also proves helpful for implementing internal link techniques.

You can also make use of the best Google Analytics to help fix website-related issues to improve its performance. One major benefit you have here is that these tools are available for free for implementing alongside with SEO Audit.

The moment you have successfully identified each problematic area you may most likely need assistance from professional PR experts, content writers, and developers. These professionals will help you identify and rectify tech stack for your website, and offer all possible solutions. The team will also prove helpful for you to fix all relevant issues related to your website performance and make necessary changes for better improvements.

How should you execute SEO Audit techniques?

To make it effective you need to implement each step while grading each step as a success, failure or needs more improvement.

When implementing SEO Audits, it is important to focus on rectifying your failures and needs improvements area to make them successful.

Ultimate checklist for SEO Audit

1.Issue – Robots.txt file

Robot.txt file is monitored by Search engine bots and offers it with instructions to crawl or not. This is considered as the first step towards Audit process. This contains information related to omitted pages and folders. This is also to be linked to the XML, so it provides a complete list of URLs that are important.

Process to Audit

The file can be viewed manually under URL “” and locate the command that restricts the website from being crawled by search engine bots. You can make use of SEO Audit tools to help speed up the process to crawl the site.

All instructions have to be followed as per Google bots. 403 Forbidden error will be notified if the crawls are restricted on the website. Going through the console history will offer you with a complete list of URLs that need to be checked.

Common mistakes to look into

This code is most commonly found on low performing websites. In most cases, it may also exclude general directives for agents. Each of the subdomains should have its own set of Robot.txt file code. Absolute XML link is needed for the relative path.

2.Issue – XML sitemap

This is a complete list of all pages that are a part of your website. This is made use of by the search engines at the time of bypassing entire site structure. It also proves helpful in locating each URL distinctly.

Process to Audit

It is important that sitemap has to be included in the root folder present on your server. You can also locate it in the main URL “” link.

You have to perform the crawl test to ensure that it is free from all errors, non-canonical URLs, and re-directs. It is important for you to submit all URLs on the Google search engine Consoles and inspect URLs that are not mapped.

Common mistakes

It is important to ensure that all URLs are mapped and marked 200 OK status. It is also advisable to include any page that is newly added or updated in recent time. Any page that has been deleted should also be checked.

3.Issue SSL/HTTP Encryption

SSL is used for maintaining a secured connection between the web server and the user’s browser. All secured sites are marked by Google Chrome. These are sites that hold valid SSL certification.

A padlock image is provided by Google in the address bar. So if the site is not secured then the users are warned of the potential threat when accessing these sites.

SSL Secure Connection Ranking Xpress

Why SSL is good for SEO?

HTTPS encryption is used by Google for ranking your website.

Process to Audit

Just access Chrome and click on the address bar. Here you will have to look around for padlock and check if the accessed website is secured or not. SSL encryption can also be tested by users to check the validation.

Common mistakes

Some general mistakes may include HTTPS assets not functional. There are many reasons which may include old Java files, CSS files not executing, etc. To pass this test, it is important that all files have to be mentioned on the secured server.

It is also important to include any URLs that might have been updated in recent time within canonical tags. In case you are operating your mobile website, then this URL also has to be mentioned under tags. All internal links that are provided on the main HTTP site have to be included. Old internal links have to be updated with new links provided on the HTTP pages.

4.Issue – Mobile-friendliness

Presently mobile searches are gaining more popularity. A number of users perform the search via mobile devices. It is important that your website has to be a mobile platform friendly. So, when performing this SEO Audit, you have to check if each feature of the website can also be accessed on mobile platforms.

Audit process

To perform Audit, you have to check with all templates that are used on the mobile-friendly website. You have to include each page like home page, category page, and blog post as well. You can make use of Google tool to test these web pages. In case any issues, then the technical team has to be notified of the relevant issues.

Common mistakes

With mobile SEO audits, there are a number of issues that can arise. One of the main issues is to restrict a few features from accessing on the mobile platform as compared to desktop features. It is important to allow mobile users to access each feature that can otherwise be accessed on a desktop. It is important that the website has to be OK for desktop and mobile devices.

Other forms of issues may include close tap fields, wide content presentation, and missing annotations.

5.Issue – Page speed

For any SEO page speed is an important factor to consider. This decides how visitors respond to your website. If the page speed is low, then visitors tend to migrate away from the website. This factor also affects the normal page ranking of your website on search engine results.

This factor is critical as it can directly affect the position and performance of your website with search results. It affects your site’s visibility. Good page speed can directly be linked to your conversions. Page optimization is required for your website to perform better with search results.

Audit process

To perform the process of Audit, you can best make use of the Google page speed tool. This tool can be used for evaluating the speed of the templates. You can also locate this data in the Lighthouse data (Google).

When implementing these tools, you get an in-depth report of all issues that can impact the overall speed of the templates on the web page. This tool also helps you maintain a record of the page speed and performance.

The record can be maintained for the past month, and this makes the process of monitoring much easier for users. You can also make use of this feature or progressing.

Common mistakes

There are a number of issues that are related to poor page speed which may include code, image, blocked resources, and caching. Render blocked assets can also be a leading cause for poor page speed.

6.Issue – Head Section SEO tags

There are a number of head tags that offer with convenience to Google for registering your website. Some of these tags may include Meta description, HREflang, Meta title, and Canonical.

If these tags are missing, then Google is forced to make improper assumptions to locate the contents, including description and title. These are used in turn to create a complete list as to understand the exact duplicate contents that have to show to the viewers.

Audit process

To perform Audit, you have to safely install the Plugin. Apart from this, the process of inspection can also be performed manually. This has to be done on the website landing page where the tags have to be located.

You have to see if the SEO codes are present or not under the Head tag section. You can make use of the Spark plug in to locate each code properly.

An in-depth report will also be generated by the crawls and will be marked for any relevant issue.

Common mistakes

Duplication is one of the most common errors as the canonical is not properly used. This often shows that the duplicate is made intentionally. There are a number of websites that may completely overlook the duplicate content so the URLs cannot be tracked easily.

Another common mistake occurs if the tags are not present inside the head section. It is also mistaken if the SEO tag values have been altered between the DOM and HTML page. It is important that the values of the HTML tag code have to be maintained the same.

Apart from these, there are many other steps that have to be worked out when performing SEO Audits. Once these have been worked out, then you can expect improve search engine ranking for your website on search results.

Proper tactics will guarantee you with instant wins that may be long-lasting for your website’s performance. It is obvious that you always have to focus on strategies that can be implemented for long term benefits.

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A Digital Approach to Empower Your Business

10 powerful social media marketing tips to boost your business ROI

10 powerful social media marketing tips to boost your business ROI

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How do you ensure high returns with your social media marketing efforts?!

Are you sure that your marketing campaigns on social media are paying off?!

No matter if you have a small or large business, you have to know your business ROI attained via marketing campaigns.

And, if the acquired ROI doesn’t align with your expectations, you need to change the way of marketing your business on social media.

The number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach 3.02 Billion by 2021. So, there is no end to the level of opportunities. You just need to follow the right approach.

But, are there any concrete ways to boost business ROI with social media marketing?!
This article is the ultimate answer to all your questions related to social media marketing.
Let’s start!

1.How to build deeper connections?

Humanize your brand

As a business owner, you must know the value of building connections with your customers and target consumers. You need to interact with your target market as a brand. And social media offers the best way to achieve that. You can utilize social media marketing to humanize your business and brand. This is possible when you use different social media platforms to interact with people.

When marketing your business, use social media to communicate as much as possible. Your campaigns should revolve around engaging audiences by getting their comments, questions, and feedback. Every campaign on social media should represent the personality of your brand. This way, you can give a face to your company that is loved by the customers.

Business ROI comes from the customers you attain and customers are ultimately people. So, you have to interact with them on a human level, so they start feeling a relationship with your brand. Social networks will make personal interactions easier.

2.Do you need changes in your content strategy?

do you need changes in your content strategy

Add value to your content with upcycle approach

Are you aware of the new buzzword in social media marketing?!

Upcycling is how smart business owners get improved business ROI with social media content. On social media, you can obtain maximum engagement by investing in video content creation. Upcycling is about dividing your video content into multiple pieces. This strategy will let you take one content piece and convert it into various formats and sizes. So, your content stays the same, just the format changes.

This can become a marketing goldmine for your business. You can repurpose your existing content in the form of videos, and social media posts. Then, the same content gets more engagement when circulated on social media networks. Hence, you have to invest less time, energy and money in content marketing. And in return, it delivers increased ROI for your business.

3.How to prioritize audiences and save marketing time consumption?

social media marketing strategies ranking xpress

Design your marketing campaigns around generation Z

You can save a lot of time by prioritizing audiences when marketing on social media. While it will broadly depend on your business type, Generation Z is the ultimate priority every business needs to follow. On social media platforms, Generation Z has started dominating the market. They are the consumers who spend money on buying products online and communicating with brands.

Social media offers the easiest way to find and prioritize this generation. Simply targeting this segment of your market can give you a significant level of conversions and boost your business ROI. Almost all big and small brands know and follow this idea by regularly promoting products for the Generation Z on social media. As a result, the social network channels bring the desired results in the form of revenue.

So, when you are designing marketing campaigns or ad campaigns, incorporate social media and customize your ads and posts for Generation Z.

But, what do they want from brands?!

Generation Z is all about the ease of finding products and purchasing them. Your social media campaigns should help these people with high-quality product images, necessary links and buying options. Also, you should not ignore the importance of Chatbots. Consumers are pretty comfortable with AI technologies these days. Technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and chatbots have become features of smartphones.

Facebook offers its own chatbot, which you can use for better customer engagement in lesser time consumption. A Facebook chatbot can do almost everything from order tracking, customer surveys, product search, customer service and more. This will bring your business to an autopilot, improving the ROI you attain from customer engagement.

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4.Where are the most loyal customers and supporters of your brand?

social media marketing tips ranking xpress

Execute brand advocate programs on social media

Your brand can gain more business simply by knowing the most loyal customers and supporters. These are the people who buy your product regularly and spread word-of-mouth about your brand. You have to know your loyal customer base and supporters to retain and help them market your business.

With brand advocate programs, you can utilize social media to identify your customers and passionate supporters. Then, you can study their interests, motivations, and habits as well.

But, how does this help?!

When you know the interests and motivations of loyal supporters, it will help you target similar motivations and interests to enhance your customer base. You can utilize the obtained conclusions in every channel of marketing.

Of course, you can find paid influencers to obtain rapid awareness. But, the word-of-mouth acquired with an advocate program lasts for a long time. You can increase brand awareness and counter criticism whenever required. Your loyal audiences can bring a significant change in the perception of your brand online.

5.How to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market?

Conduct demographic research regularly and utilize ad creative variations

Like every other businessman, you feel overwhelmed with the dynamic pace of the market these days. The trends and perceptions keep on changing online, which makes it difficult for you to ensure a high ROI.

Well, if the market keeps on reshaping itself, you need to reshape your marketing strategy as well. And for that, you need to conduct demographic research continuously. This has become essential for all marketing formats you choose, including social media marketing. New trends, new phrases, and new words keep on appearing on a weekly basis.

You can’t deliver meaningful content or engage audiences without knowing the flow of their interest at a particular moment of time. So, this research is essential to attain key insights related to current and upcoming trends, which you can leverage before your market competitors.

Ad creative variations are another way to tackle the issue of dynamic markets. You have to create variations of ad copies and imagery to keep your brand exposure fresh every single time. Seeing the same images and copies will bore your audience.

With a large variation in ad creatives, you won’t have to worry about the high frequency. On social media platforms such as Facebook, you can do this at a low cost. Facebook allows 30 creatives with its Dynamic Creative feature. After that, the platform automatically changes the assets when representing them to your target audiences.

6.How to turn online audiences into offline shop visitors?

social media marketing tips Ranking Xpress

Tag your location on social media

If your business has one foot online, and the other foot offline, you need to pay attention to this tip. Your local business can boost ROI only by getting customers to visit your offline shop. For instance, if you have a restaurant, you would want your online audiences to know where your restaurant is. Hence, it becomes necessary to utilize social media to target your local market.

From social media business pages to every post, you should never miss tagging the location of your business. This simple step can upgrade the level of relevance in your online audience engagement.

Location tagging is available on most social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

7.What is the secret to building trust among audiences?

social media tips ranking xpress

Find a balance of sales-driven and engagement-driven content

It is extremely important to never forget that marketing is more than just driving sales. Hence, your approach to content marketing on social media should concentrate on sales as well as engagement. Now, engagement-driven content can involve promotion posts, problem-solving videos, explainer videos and more.

Your business needs to become authentic, credible and trustworthy in the eyes of your target consumers. In the modern age of marketing, it is possible when you genuinely try to help them with your content. Of course, the content has to be aligned with what they want to know. And not every post has to try persuading audiences to make a purchase.

When you help your audiences on social media, it increases the returns obtained by promotional and sales-driven content. A consumer will pay more attention to your ads after getting impressed by your post that solves a critical problem. So, find the right balance of content objectives.

[Read: 10 SEO factors to rank faster in 2019.]

8.Why does consistency across multiple channels matter?

social media marketing tips RankingXpress

Use social media to develop and retain consistency

The consistency of your brand across all marketing channels is a key factor in deciding overall ROI. Among all the marketing channels, social media platforms are the most sensitive ones in terms of brand consistency.

Brand consistency is about the values, language, content, morals, and stands you take as a brand. Social channels are visible to all the audiences. Every single person can monitor your brand on different platforms. So, you can’t switch your values, language or stands from channel to channel. For instance, if your brand is known for creating organic products, you can’t collaborate with a brand that creates artificial products of any kind.

Similarly, the language of your brand plays a big role. You have to decide one best-suited language approach and follow it across channels. The selection of every word and the formation of every sentence should align with your brand personality. Do you have a hip fashion brand?! Or, does your brand offer business management services? The answer to these questions will decide what sort of language you should follow. Then, you need to stick to that language across all social networks.

The maintenance of brand consistency elevates brand recognition. It also increases the engagement level and strengthens customer perception. Eventually, you start getting fruitful results in the form of business ROI.

9.Can you do it all alone?

Form social media collaborations with other brands

Social media platforms allow networking for people. And the same is possible between companies and brands. You don’t have to try to accomplish your ROI goals alone. Social networks offer a chance to form short-term and long-term collaborations with relevant brands. You can find collaborative opportunities and co-exist with brands. This is a smart move to attain wider exposure with lesser investment. No need to mention that it will skyrocket your business ROI in every possible way.

When collaborating, it is necessary to find the right brands and people, as per your industry and target market. Don’t feel tempted by every opportunity you get. Choose wisely by evaluating the level of exposure and the type of market a brand or an influencer can offer to your business.

10.How to maximize reach with every post?

how to maximize reach with every post

Use different formats of video content on social media

From Facebook and Snapchat to Instagram and Twitter, videos have started dominating in different formats. People prefer watching videos on social networks for different reasons. You can engage such people by entertaining and informing them. On Instagram, you should leverage IGTV to enhance your reach. Plus, you can create Live Videos on Facebook and Instagram to engage more people. But make sure that you choose the best-suited time to publish your videos.

A final tip would be to pay close attention to the analytics of social media networks. They are the gold mines of everything you want to know about your customers in terms of activity, demographics, habits, and behavior.

Follow all these tips and you will be able to boost your business ROI with social media marketing. Hopefully, you feel confident about social network marketing now!

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7 Tested Techniques to Improve SEO Ranking on Google

A Digital Approach to Empower Your Business

7 Tested Techniques to Improve SEO Ranking on Google

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Are you looking for the best Search Engine Optimization strategies that can boost your website ranking?

And How good is your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy? Do you want to improve your Google search ranking?

How great is your SEO technique? Are you getting effective results from your current strategies?

If you are looking for the best solutions to these essential queries, then this post is especially for you.

Now let me continue with the article –

So, if you ask a few advertisers and site proprietors, you will know that there are a lot more SEO problems they are trying to resolve.

Are SEO specialists forgotten? Not at all! Because the algorithm of the search engine keeps on changing, implying that to maintain your role as a specialist, you need to go on with the most recent patterns continually.

Now, let me tell you what you will cover in this post?

So now, let me start from the first one….

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a discipline of marketing that is centered around developing your brand visibility and permeability in organic (that means non-paid) results in the search engine, said ‘Rand Fishkin’ who is an SEO Expert at Moz.

As indicated by his depiction, the principal target of SEO is to improve the search ranking of your brand on Google and to enable you to drive traffic to your website utilizing organic search results.

But, there are a few details and creative energies engaged with SEO that will enable you to improve the visibility and give you the chance to rank on the SERP.

Above all, …

How SEO works?

As I stated, there are a few details and innovativeness that you should try to make your Search Engine Optimization looks incredible.

Remember, your website ought to be SEO-friendly and easy to use. It implies your site is excellent, fast, mobile responsive, well-researched, top notch, useful material that your users will discover valuable.

Along these lines, Google bot will instantly crawl your website and index it in the search engine, and boost the ranking of your site on the search result.

For instance, Google utilizes a search algorithm to examine sites, blogs, and content and give a score as indicated by its investigation of your website.

What Search Engine Optimization does in such manner is that it send signs to Google and different search engines who tells to the bots, your site, blog, and content are incredible for indexing.

How can I improve my SEO ranking?

So, SEO appears to be mind-boggling, it is actually, straightforward and easy to apply. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies that you can easily use now that will incredibly improve the search ranking of your website.

Let me tell you the first step …

1.Review your site or blog to discover SEO errors to solve

Site SEO review is critical to the success of your search ranking, which is the reason it is most vital that you regularly lead a review on your site or blog.

An SEO review necessarily implies playing out a test on your webpage to enable you to choose territories of your webpage or articles that need alterations to build your site’s permeability on the search engine.

Suppose you are not getting the right amount of search traffic to your website. If you want to enhance your chances and drive high traffic, a review is essential to enable you to make the vital acclimations to drive progressively high traffic.

When directing your site review, you need to ensure that the accompanying zones are very much streamlined and optimized:

Research the keyword to locate the correct keywords for site optimization and content.

Researching the keyword is a standout amongst the best part of SEO, if not the best piece of content optimization and Google’s one-page ranking.

What the reason?

Without the correct keywords in critical places on your website or content, your substance marketing campaign may fade away.

This is so obvious because each search question, be it customary search or either voice search inquiries all begin with the keyword. So in straightforward ways, keywords help to expand your site’s permeability.

Thus, create a keyword list. Conceptualize keywords your rivals are positioning for and keywords your target users are searching for on the Google to include to the list.

You also can utilize Google search or a tool known as ‘Ahrefs’ to conceptualize those keywords.

2.Make your website or blog mobile-friendly

It is no mystery that search engine goliath, Google, support mobile-friendly sites in comparison to non-mobile friendly blogs or websites because nearly everybody is utilizing a cell phone.

By April 2015, Google began punishing sites or blogs those are not mobile optimized by knocking down their ranking.

An ever-increasing number of clients are devouring content on mobile gadgets, and not being mobile optimized is going to influence client experience and change.

It is especially significant for B2B marketers. Research has demonstrated that 77 percent of officials utilize their cell phone to inquire about an item or service for their business.

Business administrators utilize mobile gadgets to inquire about the services for their organizations.

It’s not only for B2B sites either. Organizations like Yelp that go about as pursuit indexes associating purchasers to organizations found that 55% of all quests originate from mobile gadgets.

In case your site has been around for some time, it’s an ideal opportunity to test it to ensure it’s compliant.

Also, research demonstrates that over 60℅ of search inquiries are performed on cell phones. Moreover, an ongoing report uncovers that more than 80% of cell phone users are checking their phone in 15 mins of awakening.

What’s more, worldwide mobile web users overtook the desktop or pc users, implying that more individuals are getting to the web through cell phones.

The mobile-first indexing techniques of Google which have just been taken off will affect SEO. This technique implies that Google has created a mobile site version of its main indexing site, a more explanation behind you to make a mobile-friendly website.

Therefore, ensure your site or blog is mobile-friendly to help your SEO campaign.

3.Utilize relevantly

The LSI keywords to overhaul the game of your search ranking

Once you’re finished with the research and creating a list of the correct keywords for the campaign of your marketing, the next stage is to utilize those keywords to advance your substance to build your chances of showing up on search engine page one.

Undoubtedly, the list of your keyword involves seed, long-tail keywords or LSI keywords. And, your seed keyword is the main target keyword that may be a couple of words (one or two words).

LSI keywords are the keywords along with 3 to 4 words, and that can be connected in significance to the target keyword.

Then again, long-tail keywords are the keyword terms which involves four words or more, yet additionally related in importance to our objective keyword.

The thing that matters is that the long-tail keywords are progressively illustrative or explicit contrasted with LSI keywords.

Both LSI keywords, as well as long-tail keywords, are particularly incredible for:

4.Improve your website usability

SEO isn’t about only keyword research and optimization of the content. SEO additionally includes upgrading your site for user or customers — those who’re utilizing Google search.

This is imperative since search algorithms not just consider client search terms while ranking a site, yet additionally considers site ease of use as an underlying factor for higher search rankings.

Thus, there are lots of factors that can affect negatively to your site usability and hinder the SEO strategy you use.

A few of them are:

quality components ranking xpress

quick-tip ranking xpress

You can boost the ranking of your website with a valuable and user-friendly site. This can help to keep your users longer on the website.

5.Make your blog post longer

Why do you need to add lots of content in your current post to make it long? So, let me tell you –

As per the study of Backlinko, if you include more content in your current post to make it longer, then there are more chances to rank on page 1 in google.

content total words ranking xpress

In any case, you concur that numerous bloggers help write the 800 to 1,000 words content. Indeed, some can’t go past 600 words.

Composing a 2,000-word post or more methods, you need to attempt in-depth research to think of mind-blowing info for your users.

“Dwell time” is the measure of time the users spend on your site or blog and it can influence SEO ranking too.

When you give helpful content, guests will; readers remain longer on your site to expend the data and boosts the dwell time.

As per the study, content between 2,000 – 2,500 words appears to rank the most noteworthy in web crawler results.

Thus, word count does not lead the world of SEO– no one will peruse your stuff if it’s not useful to them – longer content gives you the chance to provide more esteem, incorporate more keywords, consolidate increasingly outbound links, and obviously, get individuals to invest more time in reading your content to boost the dwell time.

Another motivation to make useful content is that when guests bookmark your content on Chrome, it will improve the SEO positioning of your site in Google.

Content almost 2,500 words gets some significant amount of juice on google.

ranking xpress

Moreover, you already have readers on your existing post or old blog post, so refreshing it with more crucial information will more probable increment its scope and pull in more per users.

The outcome, existing signs to the content will drive it high at the highest point of SERP.

quick-tip ranking xpress

Keep in mind that creating your post length isn’t equivalent to repurposing the old article. Repurposing your content implies that you are utilizing your current blog post to make another post format.

Wrapping up

I hope the above article will help you to know the best practice to rank high on google search engine.

It will help you to know the best techniques for SEO. If you are expecting to rank higher on the SERP, you can apply it. Overlook these tips, your site and search ranking or your webpage may suffer.

Subsequently, lead a proper or related keyword research to locate the correct keywords as well as keyword phrases for your website and blog.

These techniques will transform how you approach SEO in 2019 and improve your search engine ranking.

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A Digital Approach to Empower Your Business

10 SEO factors to rank faster in 2019

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Search Engine Optimization aka SEO, as it is popularly called, is the art of ranking websites higher up on the results page through the application of various SEO tools. In recent years, it has become a game changer for website popularity as a website’s SEO score determines the number of people who would have the opportunity to go through it. In this age of cut-throat digital competition, it is crucial for companies to ensure their websites are SEO optimized as per the latest standards. This drives additional traffic to the website and provides a larger audience for their content or sales/service offered. Without ample SEO, it becomes challenging for users to locate the website, leading to loss of leads and sales generations for businesses.

SEO factors to rank faster

The top 10 factors that affect the SEO score of a website are as follows:

10. Secure Website

Google places a high priority on security offered for various operations by a website. Google looks upon factors like SSL certification and other forms of encryption to protect user data with high regard. User privacy is of utmost importance, and Google is no stranger to this. Hacking attempts made on a website can have drastic consequences for SEO scores, since it may lead to blacklisting. Complaints about lack of privacy and excessive cookie usage may also cause the website to lose its ranking. An SSL certification becomes the necessity for the website to ensure that this doesn’t take place. User data must be secured, and hacking attempts are repelled or rectified as soon as possible.

9. Website Load Time

Search engine shows a preference for websites that load quickly and are light on resources. Google has declared that it intends to display websites that provide optimum user experience, at the top. Again load time of a site is a significant factor a user takes into account while opening a website for the first time. Statistics show that a staggering 53% of users are likely to leave a website if load times are more than 3 seconds. Therefore, websites must ensure faster load times to avoid unnecessary penalization by users and search engines. Even mobile phone load times are taken into consideration, due to the growing consumption of the Internet on smartphone devices.

8. Positive Mobile User Experience

Over a year ago, Google announced that mobile-friendly websites would be ranked on to of the results page. This simplifies that if the website is not properly optimized for mobile consumption, that could spell real trouble for its SEO scores.

People can consider many factors to be considered for a positive mobile experience:

7. Website Age and Reputation

Websites that are three years or older have an advantage in search results ranking. It is considered to be difficult for websites that are less than a year old to rank at the top unless SEO implementation has been top notch in all other aspects. An older website that has consistently delivered good quality content is ranked higher than new websites. Excellent reputation among users also contributes to a higher ranking. Users who have rated the website positively, repeat users, website traffic and page authority are significantly taken into consideration by Google and Bing. To utilize this feature, website owners must update their website regularly and keep working to enhance its usage. As time passes on, the website is poised to grow by leaps and bounds by maintaining a steady record at the website.

6. Technical SEO practices

Investment in technical SEO practices must be made in the following ways:

5. User Experience History

Google keeps track of previous visits made by users to a website and measures several statistics to rank a site. A few factors are –

4. Website Links

Backlinks have been practiced since the beginning being an integral part of SEO. There are three main kinds of web links that are in focus:

Of all these three kinds, Google prioritizes inbound links. However, it is vital that these inbound links be from reputable and authoritative websites that rank highly on their own as well. Low-quality links are likely to drag down a website’s SEO score.

3. Social Media Activity

Whenever a user shares a link from a website to his/her social networking profiles, Google tracks it. It also tracks the resulting engagements and clicks that accumulate to the site via these shares. If many users enter the website based on these links, it is assumed that the website offers high-quality content that is engaging and useful. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit are all tracked to measure statistics resulting from these shares. Social media profiles of the website are also monitored and relevant information presented to users on search results. A proper social media marketing strategy can also have positive effects for SEO score if it includes links to the website.

2. Website Content Quality

Content quality is the top-most parameter for rating a website’s relevance. Google search algorithms rely on keyword usage to find the most relevant results. Content must be written with important keywords and search terms subtly peppered into the writing to utilize this fact. Plagiarized content is highly frowned upon; therefore, it makes sense to always rely on 100% original content for SEO purposes.

However, over usage of keywords is also unfavorable as it could severely throttle your SEO score. Google requires only content-rich, relevant and usable information and is capable of weeding out content that was made with the express purpose of ranking high on searches.

Several features like eye-catching videos and animations can also be used to enhance content quality.

1. Website Content-Length

Webpages with 2000+ words of content in them are likely to rank higher up on search results. It must be noted that page length should not be artificially lengthened, but must be high on quality.

It is often recognized that longer articles increase user dwell time on the website and bring in more likes and shares. According to the thumb rule, it is advisable that all web articles have a minimum of 1000+ words that are useful and adequately written.

Increase in website length also provides an avenue for adding more keywords without hurting SEO score. Information density and not length must be given priority.


SEO practices have been there since the early days of mere keyword matching. There are a host of different practices that are monitored by search engines for allotting ranks to websites. To drive up traffic and therefore, increase leads and sales generation, it is crucial that it is SEO optimized with proper techniques. Priority must be made to rank high on search engine results, which would enhance the overall credibility of the site.

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