Tough times calls for togetherness & we will fight against COVID 19 by combining efforts of our Government and Civil Society, said Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in one of his tweets on Twitter. We are all aware of his bold steps to safeguard the citizens of the country by performing exceptional services to fight against the global pandemic.


Before we begin to dive into our topic, we hope all of you are in the best of your health and taking appropriate measures to stay safe during these tough times.

We are all familiar with the nuisance created by the global pandemic and the turmoil it has created in our lives and particularly in how businesses operate.

The lockdown imposed by the government has drastically impacted every business sector and continuing to do so. The biggest hits have been taken by businesses that are start-ups due which many chose their operations to shut down and too many they are working with disruptions.

In one of the surveys conducted by FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) jointly with Indian Angel Network, they have found that,

70 percent of start-ups stated that their businesses have been impacted by COVID-19. 12 percent of strt-ups have shut operations and 60 percent are operating with disruptions.


Even moderate to high scale businesses have taken the blow of downfall in this world-scale virus shutdown. However, these tough times should not make us sit down and wait for it to end.

Online marketing has become the key of the hour for businesses to turn the tables upside down by working in these extreme times and respond to the crisis with a definite plan.

Are we dealing in the right way with our customers?

There are several questions marketers must ask themselves to indulge in better performance during COVID-19 for upscaling their business.

  1. Can we add more value to our customers? If yes, what are the ways we can?
  2. Does our current approach suit our business objective?
  3. Is our website ranking well enough with current SEO strategies? We’ve made a SEO audit checklist, check it now!
  4. Are we complying with the business guidelines imposed during unlock?

Don’t just ask, start creating!

If one of the main aims of your business is to create thought leadership for your company, do it right away. The ever-growing need for content has brought us to another era where the success of any business is really ‘content’, and we all know that content is the king in every aspect.

What all we can create and do?

  1. To empathize with the customer, we must create content illustrating that we care for them in every aspect.
  2. Create blogs, articles, social media posts, videos to help the customers rather than sell. How about you learn some social media tips right now and begin harvesting positive ROI’s?
  3. Build engagement with our customers on places where they are most active. Give powerful customer service experience to build powerful conversations to increase brand reputation.
  4. Reach out to customers and help solve challenges that they are facing with your brand or services.

These are just a few points that marketers must deal with their businesses and also grow in unlikely times.

How about we look into some useful considerations for businesses to grow in COVID-19 situations?

  1. Grow Digitally: Businesses should leverage every aspect of digital marketing in their marketing plans during this time. PPC, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, SEO are the major players of digital marketing which can create better opportunity to reach to target audience. How you approach digitally is the key factor to consider for better growth of your business?
  2. Refine Social Profiles:Business that have transparent and informational social profiles are tend to attract more attention. Make sure that your customers can find you on platforms they are most active. Social Media Marketing is the growing need and you must learn effective tips to gain traffic to your website. Optimize your company pages and public profiles for better reach. It is a must to expand your LinkedIn network (if you are into B2B). Connect with eminent and industry experts to gain industry insights and leverage them into your marketing plans.
  3. Video Marketing: The best time to play with the odds is now. If your business has never included videos in the marketing plans, the right opportunity is now. Create a basic video plan and test it within your internal team and then see if it works with your target audience.
  4. Powerful Hashtags: Hashtags have never gone out of date for any business as it is the right time to research for branded hashtags that are gaining popularity in your relevant industry and use it wisely.
  5. Host Webinars or Go Live: Going Live and hosting webinars in such times is the easy to grow success plan. Pick a topic that resonates with your target audience and host a webinar on it.
  6. Invest in Chat: As businesses have moved into digital space due to Covid-19, investing in chat across different sectors of consumer goods is booming.

The best practices that we have shared with you will lead to the healthy growth of your business. The easiest way for your audience to grow along with you will be through careful optimization and catering to quality rather than focus on quantity.

At RankingXpress, we give you amazing insights into current trends and tips on growing your business digitally. Tune with us and we’ll help you deliver the best results.

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