PPC/Google Ads Account & Bid Management Services


Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your existing Ads campaign or you’re starting from scratch and need a complete campaign setup, an experienced paid search experts at RankingXpress can help with every aspect of your Google Ads (Google Adwords) campaign management.

When you choose RankingXpress, you don’t have to worry about your PPC ads. Because your ppc ads campaign is being managed by certified Google Ads (formerly Adwords) experts and Bing Ads PPC specialists.

Why PPC and Google Ads Campaigns?

Google Ads and PPC Marketing offer the possibility to increase visibility and drive website traffic, and fire up sales. It places you at the top of the search engine result page for certain keywords. You can choose to target your audience globally or locally, and you can set up a campaign that Google will automatically follow up.     

If you want Google Ads to produce qualified leads and customers, give us a chance to serve you better to get more qualified leads. Google Ads is the largest search provider in the market, which is why many businesses start with Google Ads advertising first. If your goal is to show up your business on the top of the search results to your users, Google advertising is the best choice for you. The other way to use Google Advertising to build brand awareness is to create ad campaigns for showing your ads on the Google Display Network.

The GDN (Google Display Network) is a network of websites that allow Google Ads space on their websites, and these ads show content that is relevant to your target keywords. These ads may be text-based ads or image ads, but they can also be presented as content with relevant target keywords.   

RankingXpress Digital is a reputed digital marketing agency and SEO services agency having a team of world-class 12+ years of experienced certified digital marketing industry professionals will propose the right tools and right marketing strategies and will use them effectively to ensure that you get the most out of your PPC campaign.

 PPC advertising on Google Ads can be very profitable & successful if it is done correctly by an experienced PPC Specialist.

What’s Included

Keyword Research & Bidding Expertise

Ad Copy & Creative

PPC Landing Page Optimization

Remarketing / Retargeting

Continuous Optimization and Reporting

Ongoing Review

Analyze your website