10 powerful social media marketing tips to boost your business ROI

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How do you ensure high returns with your social media marketing efforts?!

Are you sure that your marketing campaigns on social media are paying off?!

No matter if you have a small or large business, you have to know your business ROI attained via marketing campaigns.

And, if the acquired ROI doesn’t align with your expectations, you need to change the way of marketing your business on social media.

The number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach 3.02 Billion by 2021. So, there is no end to the level of opportunities. You just need to follow the right approach.

But, are there any concrete ways to boost business ROI with social media marketing?!
This article is the ultimate answer to all your questions related to social media marketing.
Let’s start!

1.How to build deeper connections?

Humanize your brand

As a business owner, you must know the value of building connections with your customers and target consumers. You need to interact with your target market as a brand. And social media offers the best way to achieve that. You can utilize social media marketing to humanize your business and brand. This is possible when you use different social media platforms to interact with people.

When marketing your business, use social media to communicate as much as possible. Your campaigns should revolve around engaging audiences by getting their comments, questions, and feedback. Every campaign on social media should represent the personality of your brand. This way, you can give a face to your company that is loved by the customers.

Business ROI comes from the customers you attain and customers are ultimately people. So, you have to interact with them on a human level, so they start feeling a relationship with your brand. Social networks will make personal interactions easier.

2.Do you need changes in your content strategy?

do you need changes in your content strategy

Add value to your content with upcycle approach

Are you aware of the new buzzword in social media marketing?!

Upcycling is how smart business owners get improved business ROI with social media content. On social media, you can obtain maximum engagement by investing in video content creation. Upcycling is about dividing your video content into multiple pieces. This strategy will let you take one content piece and convert it into various formats and sizes. So, your content stays the same, just the format changes.

This can become a marketing goldmine for your business. You can repurpose your existing content in the form of videos, and social media posts. Then, the same content gets more engagement when circulated on social media networks. Hence, you have to invest less time, energy and money in content marketing. And in return, it delivers increased ROI for your business.

3.How to prioritize audiences and save marketing time consumption?

social media marketing strategies ranking xpress

Design your marketing campaigns around generation Z

You can save a lot of time by prioritizing audiences when marketing on social media. While it will broadly depend on your business type, Generation Z is the ultimate priority every business needs to follow. On social media platforms, Generation Z has started dominating the market. They are the consumers who spend money on buying products online and communicating with brands.

Social media offers the easiest way to find and prioritize this generation. Simply targeting this segment of your market can give you a significant level of conversions and boost your business ROI. Almost all big and small brands know and follow this idea by regularly promoting products for the Generation Z on social media. As a result, the social network channels bring the desired results in the form of revenue.

So, when you are designing marketing campaigns or ad campaigns, incorporate social media and customize your ads and posts for Generation Z.

But, what do they want from brands?!

Generation Z is all about the ease of finding products and purchasing them. Your social media campaigns should help these people with high-quality product images, necessary links and buying options. Also, you should not ignore the importance of Chatbots. Consumers are pretty comfortable with AI technologies these days. Technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and chatbots have become features of smartphones.

Facebook offers its own chatbot, which you can use for better customer engagement in lesser time consumption. A Facebook chatbot can do almost everything from order tracking, customer surveys, product search, customer service and more. This will bring your business to an autopilot, improving the ROI you attain from customer engagement.

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4.Where are the most loyal customers and supporters of your brand?

social media marketing tips ranking xpress

Execute brand advocate programs on social media

Your brand can gain more business simply by knowing the most loyal customers and supporters. These are the people who buy your product regularly and spread word-of-mouth about your brand. You have to know your loyal customer base and supporters to retain and help them market your business.

With brand advocate programs, you can utilize social media to identify your customers and passionate supporters. Then, you can study their interests, motivations, and habits as well.

But, how does this help?!

When you know the interests and motivations of loyal supporters, it will help you target similar motivations and interests to enhance your customer base. You can utilize the obtained conclusions in every channel of marketing.

Of course, you can find paid influencers to obtain rapid awareness. But, the word-of-mouth acquired with an advocate program lasts for a long time. You can increase brand awareness and counter criticism whenever required. Your loyal audiences can bring a significant change in the perception of your brand online.

5.How to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market?

Conduct demographic research regularly and utilize ad creative variations

Like every other businessman, you feel overwhelmed with the dynamic pace of the market these days. The trends and perceptions keep on changing online, which makes it difficult for you to ensure a high ROI.

Well, if the market keeps on reshaping itself, you need to reshape your marketing strategy as well. And for that, you need to conduct demographic research continuously. This has become essential for all marketing formats you choose, including social media marketing. New trends, new phrases, and new words keep on appearing on a weekly basis.

You can’t deliver meaningful content or engage audiences without knowing the flow of their interest at a particular moment of time. So, this research is essential to attain key insights related to current and upcoming trends, which you can leverage before your market competitors.

Ad creative variations are another way to tackle the issue of dynamic markets. You have to create variations of ad copies and imagery to keep your brand exposure fresh every single time. Seeing the same images and copies will bore your audience.

With a large variation in ad creatives, you won’t have to worry about the high frequency. On social media platforms such as Facebook, you can do this at a low cost. Facebook allows 30 creatives with its Dynamic Creative feature. After that, the platform automatically changes the assets when representing them to your target audiences.

6.How to turn online audiences into offline shop visitors?

social media marketing tips Ranking Xpress

Tag your location on social media

If your business has one foot online, and the other foot offline, you need to pay attention to this tip. Your local business can boost ROI only by getting customers to visit your offline shop. For instance, if you have a restaurant, you would want your online audiences to know where your restaurant is. Hence, it becomes necessary to utilize social media to target your local market.

From social media business pages to every post, you should never miss tagging the location of your business. This simple step can upgrade the level of relevance in your online audience engagement.

Location tagging is available on most social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

7.What is the secret to building trust among audiences?

social media tips ranking xpress

Find a balance of sales-driven and engagement-driven content

It is extremely important to never forget that marketing is more than just driving sales. Hence, your approach to content marketing on social media should concentrate on sales as well as engagement. Now, engagement-driven content can involve promotion posts, problem-solving videos, explainer videos and more.

Your business needs to become authentic, credible and trustworthy in the eyes of your target consumers. In the modern age of marketing, it is possible when you genuinely try to help them with your content. Of course, the content has to be aligned with what they want to know. And not every post has to try persuading audiences to make a purchase.

When you help your audiences on social media, it increases the returns obtained by promotional and sales-driven content. A consumer will pay more attention to your ads after getting impressed by your post that solves a critical problem. So, find the right balance of content objectives.

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8.Why does consistency across multiple channels matter?

social media marketing tips RankingXpress

Use social media to develop and retain consistency

The consistency of your brand across all marketing channels is a key factor in deciding overall ROI. Among all the marketing channels, social media platforms are the most sensitive ones in terms of brand consistency.

Brand consistency is about the values, language, content, morals, and stands you take as a brand. Social channels are visible to all the audiences. Every single person can monitor your brand on different platforms. So, you can’t switch your values, language or stands from channel to channel. For instance, if your brand is known for creating organic products, you can’t collaborate with a brand that creates artificial products of any kind.

Similarly, the language of your brand plays a big role. You have to decide one best-suited language approach and follow it across channels. The selection of every word and the formation of every sentence should align with your brand personality. Do you have a hip fashion brand?! Or, does your brand offer business management services? The answer to these questions will decide what sort of language you should follow. Then, you need to stick to that language across all social networks.

The maintenance of brand consistency elevates brand recognition. It also increases the engagement level and strengthens customer perception. Eventually, you start getting fruitful results in the form of business ROI.

9.Can you do it all alone?

Form social media collaborations with other brands

Social media platforms allow networking for people. And the same is possible between companies and brands. You don’t have to try to accomplish your ROI goals alone. Social networks offer a chance to form short-term and long-term collaborations with relevant brands. You can find collaborative opportunities and co-exist with brands. This is a smart move to attain wider exposure with lesser investment. No need to mention that it will skyrocket your business ROI in every possible way.

When collaborating, it is necessary to find the right brands and people, as per your industry and target market. Don’t feel tempted by every opportunity you get. Choose wisely by evaluating the level of exposure and the type of market a brand or an influencer can offer to your business.

10.How to maximize reach with every post?

how to maximize reach with every post

Use different formats of video content on social media

From Facebook and Snapchat to Instagram and Twitter, videos have started dominating in different formats. People prefer watching videos on social networks for different reasons. You can engage such people by entertaining and informing them. On Instagram, you should leverage IGTV to enhance your reach. Plus, you can create Live Videos on Facebook and Instagram to engage more people. But make sure that you choose the best-suited time to publish your videos.

A final tip would be to pay close attention to the analytics of social media networks. They are the gold mines of everything you want to know about your customers in terms of activity, demographics, habits, and behavior.

Follow all these tips and you will be able to boost your business ROI with social media marketing. Hopefully, you feel confident about social network marketing now!

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